Hello Everyone,

Instead of talking about the usual events and concerns of Saint Ann’s, let’s have a conversation about a project that I am working on. Saint Ann’s, being a nonprofit organization, we are always exploring ways to raise money for special projects and our general operations. Bailey in the Business Office is working on a “Go Fund Me” project. What is that?  “Go Fund Me” is an internet website that is dedicated to people and organizations that want to raise money. We are currently trying to raise $3,500.00 to continue our project of painting our hallways. Here is where you come in. I am looking for a resident volunteer that would agree to share their story about life at Saint Ann’s and be willing to let us use your picture on our “Go Fund Me” page.


If this is something you would like to help us out with, please contact me in the main office on 3rd floor or Bailey (2nd floor Business Office). Let’s keep the momentum rolling and beautify our home.


Thank you to everyone for your continued help and support with all our fundraisers and projects.



Scott and Jan



Hello Everyone,

What a wonderful December we had with amazing events, beautiful decorations and mild weather. I hope everyone had fun and many holiday visitors. Can you believe its 2019? Where did the year go? Do you have plans for yourself for the new year? Of course I do for Saint Ann’s. The new security system is being installed, and we are all looking forward to the safety that it will provide. On Friday, January 18th, the Skyline Rotarians will be here painting our first floor hallway. Our goal is to have the entire first floor repainted by summer, and we are well on our way. One floor finished and just five more to go!

On Saturday, January 19th, my band will be here performing in the Social Hall. The concert starts at 2pm and I hope to see all of you there. I will mix up the country, rock and blues for your enjoyment!

Enjoy the New Year everyone!    Sincerely, Scott and Jan

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November Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,

Do you know how you feel like when you have been talking about something for a long time, that you begin to think that it will never happen? That is how I have been feeling about the video security system. But guess what happened? I was notified by the Miller-Dwan Foundation that they will be funding our new video security system. I submitted the required paper work this week and Saint Ann’s will have the funds by early November. It may take a month or two to get the system installed and operational. Your safety is of great importance to us, and this will go a long way to securing the inside and outside of our home. It’s a very exciting time!

The weather is taking a turn to the cooler side of things. Now that the building’s heat is back on, please move your personal items away from the baseboard heaters. Blankets, planters, stuffed animals can all become damaged from the heat.

Let’s keep our home safe as we get ready for the holidays.


Scott and Jan