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St. Ann’s is one of Duluth’s most respected and  well established Senior Living Retirement Communities. We have Assisted Living options ranging from large two bedroom apartments with balconies to affordable housing.

We offer both independent living and as needed assisted living services, with 24 hour care available. 

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May Annlines 2023

Hello Everyone,

Congratulations! We have made it through the snowiest winter recorded in Duluth’s history. To put it into perspective as of this writing we are at 139.7 inches which is 11 feet 4 inches. Wow that is a lot of snow! Our usual winters are around 87 inches. It was a little disappointing for us to see the tulips that were planted last fall in our garden that came up covered with snow last week. If we are all feeling a little stir crazy and anxious for spring and warmer weather, we sure have a good reason.

At the last Family Council meeting it was discussed that we have not published a Wishlist (Wants & Needs List) recently. Being a nonprofit, our needs are great, and we are continuing to follow our mission of trying to stay affordable for everyone. One of the items that we will be fundraising for and asking for particular donations for is the repair of our bus. The estimated cost is $5,000. Attached on the next page is a current listing. If you would like to consider a donation or have questions, please see Jan Lappy-Assistant Administrator in the main office or my email

Hopefully things are going a little smoother in the dining room now that we have removed one chair from each table.  We want your dining experience to be an enjoyable one for everyone. 

On May 25th we will be holding our annual spring dance with music by the Windjammers. This is open to all so invite your friends and family to have a great time from 7-9pm in our Social Hall.

Hoping April (Snow) Showers bring May Flowers! 


Scott and Jan

April Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,

There are a lot of things happening at St. Ann’s and we are looking forward to warmer weather and the summer months. Hope many of you are enjoying the free high speed internet service throughout the building.

There will be an Open Forum gathering on Wednesday, April 5th at 2:00. This is an open meeting in the Social Hall with time for all residents to meet with management to get updates and share ideas and information.

April is also has a National Volunteer Week (Apr 16-22)! This is a good time for you or your family and friends to participate and get involved. There is the Family Council meeting on Wednesday, April 12th at 2:00. There is also Food Committee and Resident Council that are looking for new members. Other opportunities to volunteer are to become an St. Ann’s Angel Auxiliary member, new resident greeter, or an activity helper.

We are also looking for volunteers to join our 60th Anniversary Advisory Committee. Please contact Sharon Lenzen or Jan Lappy for more information. Most of all, don’t forget to have a little fun this month and we leave you with this thought:

Keep calm and be crazy, laugh, love and live it up because this is the oldest you’ve been and the youngest you’ll ever be again.


Scott and Jan

March Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,
Only in Duluth can there be a storm with 10 to 12 inches of snow one day and
the next day 38 degrees and melting. The first day of spring this year is on
March 20th and many are counting down the days but as we all know Mother
Nature can often fool us!
We are excited to announce that we have been busy running many miles of cable throughout the building to get internet service to your apartments and it is
close to being up and running. We will notify you as soon as it is done and ready
to go. At this time residents will receive this service free of charge.
There will be a Family Council meeting at 11:30am on Monday, March 6th in the
4th floor dining room. Please let your family know and all are welcome. We
would like to thank Zachary (Vaughn) Johnson for being the Family Council Interim Chair Person for many months and his dedication to St. Ann’s. He has decided to step down from this position. Thank you, Vaughn!
We would also like to thank Robin May -RN Case Manager for her years of service both as our Director of Nursing and RN Case manager. Robin moved back to
her hometown of Brainerd and stayed on with us remotely until the in-house
RN position could be filled. We recently welcomed Jason Hill, RN, to the Resident Care Department. Thank you, Robin for your dedication to St. Ann’s!
Hope you enjoy the Month of March and celebrate St. Urho and St. Patrick’s


Scott and Jan

February Annlines

Hello Everyone,
What a wild start to the New Year 2023!! From snowstorms to above aver-age temperatures to the frigid weather we are experiencing now. To live in the Northland, we need to be hardy folks! Although things are ever changing, St. Ann’s history in the community is stable and goes back 113 years. This month there is an article in the Senior Reporter magazine on pages 24-26 that gives a detailed history of St. Ann’s. This October we will be celebrating 60 years in our current building. On October 1, 1963, is when St. Ann’s was officially opened. St. Ann’s was a State-of-the-Art facility. We continue to make improvements and do upkeep projects on our building.
Our next projects are the entrance and the lobby flooring and to work on getting internet throughout our building. These are two major projects that will improve our facility. We are constantly striving to keep our building in great condition and do projects to make it more comfortable for our resi-dents. So, keep your eyes open to the changes that will be coming soon.
Some residents have been commenting on how fun the activities are. They are truly enjoying the variety of things to do. Let’s keep having fun and enjoy the things offered inside, as it is way to cold to be outside!

Scott and Jan

January Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,
If 2022 is telling us anything…. It is telling us to enjoy the moments we have,
and don’t take any day, anything or anyone for granted.

Be proud of how you’ve been handling the last year and celebrate your
strength! A huge thank you goes out to the residents, families, employees
and volunteers for their support and hard work. From our rummage sales to
coney fundraisers to new curtains in the Social Hall everyone has worked
endlessly to improve and support St. Ann’s.

On behalf of the all the residents, we would like to thank the Family Council
and Auxiliary for giving each resident a Christmas gift this year. They also
supported our staff with such things like a pizza lunch and they are planning
some nice appreciation projects for 2023.

In the next month we will be reviewing and updating all resident’s records
and documents that we have on file. We will notify you and make an appointment to go over everything with you or your legal representative. With
the new Assisted Living regulation that took place in August of 2021 there
are certain requirements that need to be in your contracts and if you have a
service agreement. At this time, we will make sure that we have your family
and friend contact information updated also.
Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Scott and Jan