February 2018

Hello Everyone,


           The cold and flu season has sure hit us hard. Your safety and well-being is our first priority. I please ask that “No Unnecessary Visitors” come into the building. Also, at the front desk, there are masks that you can have to wear to reduce your exposure to airborne germs. If you want to dine in your room to reduce your risk to exposure there will be no charge for tray delivery through the end of February. Be safe, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.


           I have heard from many of you that you are excited to have the Essentia Elder Care team making rounds here. It will take some time for the doctor to get through his list, but he will. Please see Paula if there are any questions about this service. We are just entering talks with St. Luke’s for the same service from their physicians. I will keep you posted.


           We have finished painting and installing the new wood trim on first floor east. We are now ready to move the Nursing Office. Come have a look, and watch for the open house party to be announced.



Scott and Jan


Hello Everyone, Happy New Year! It is hard to believe that it is 2018 already. Thank you to everyone for all the support this past year. A building this large is in constant need of repairs and updates. From the chapel cushions to repair of our bricks to the support of the many St. Ann’s events and fundraisers, it would not be possible without you. The marketing team will be meeting this month and setting the dates of our large events throughout 2018. This year we will be celebrating 55 years of service at our current location and approximately 50 years of service at the former St. Ann’s Home for the Aged at the 22nd Ave. West and Third Street location. One exciting event we are starting to work on is the “St. Ann’s Gala Event” tentatively set for October 17th at Clyde Iron. This will be one of the first large scale fundraising events out in the community! We are just in the beginning planning stages with more information to come as our plans progress. Sincerely, Scott and Jan

December Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,

The holidays are always such a wonderful time at Saint Ann’s. There are parties and more musical performances than I can keep track off. It is time to celebrate. It is time to reflect. It is time to enjoy the people we love in our lives and the memories of those no longer with us.

I happen to be a big fan of Christmas. I am certain that our staff will make our building look regal for the holidays. Bring on the lights, the trees, the fun and the Santa’s. Let’s enjoy this season together.


Scott and Jan


November Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,


As always there is a lot going on at St. Ann’s. I wanted to give you an up-date on the biggest project, “One Brick at a Time”. The current project was to set-up a scaffolding tower and remove the damaged bricks from three window bays. That work has started, and some of the new bricks are already installed. Unfortunately, once the job started and we could examine the wall closer, there are many more areas in need of attention. We have plenty of extra bricks, but the cost of the project will increase as there will be more time involved and a second scaffolding tower needed. I am not sure as to the additional costs, be assured we will do everything needed to keep our patio area safe.


Thank You to everyone that has contributed to the project. To date we have raised the following funds:

                Individual donations                                            $6,215.00


                                Teamters Local 346                             $2,000.00

                                Essentia Community Contributions  $2,000.00

                                Ordean Foundation (Pledge)              $2,000.00


                                                                       Total Raised: $12,215.00

Thank You




Scott and Jan


October Administrator Letter

Hello Everyone,

Fall is near and I must say it is my favorite time of year. I love the cool brisk air and all the beautiful colors it brings. I will try to spend as much time as I can this fall at the cabin with my dog, Lily. In case you were unaware, autumn fishing can be amazing. Another great thing that fall brings, is football season! Every Friday for the NFL season, wear your team colors and show off your spirit. You can be certain that I will.

Thank you to everyone that has donated to the brick-wall repair. The work should start soon and be finished this fall. The first phase will involve tearing down the damaged bricks and replacing them with new bricks. This may or may not be the end of our brick renovation project. When the crew tears down the damaged bricks, they will have a better idea of what damage has been done and if we need further construction. The most important aspect from this project is to make our patio area safe again.

We wanted to let you know that we have three new wheelchairs on the way to be used for appointment escorts. We also have extended handle grabbers on the way for your use in each laundry room. We hope this will make your lives a little easier.

What is happening on first floor east wing? The project is moving right along. St. Luke’s has moved to their new space at the end of the hall. The former St. Luke’s space is nearly ready for the CNA/PCA office. Our new medication room has been painted and carpet has been laid. In the end we will have a fun dedication ribbon cutting for all of you to come and see. Once again, we hope having all of these nursing services in a unified place will make your lives easier.



Scott and Jan


September Administrators Letter

Administrators Letter

On the morning of Friday, August 18th I was greeted on the patio with bricks on the ground. Brick buildings are high maintenance and owning one is asking for constant upkeep. You must be wondering, “What happened?” Well, water has accumulated behind the bricks on the inner west wall, facing our patio. Over the years, water has frozen and thawed and deteriorated the mortar and the integrity of the bricks themselves. This has pushed the bricks away from the wall, slowly but detrimentally over the years. If you decide to take a look, you will notice where some of the bricks have fallen from, and where others have “bulged” and are at risk of falling. The repair cost for this is something we will need help with, as it is significantly out of the ordinary for us.

“One Brick at a Time” is the name of our fund raising efforts. I am estimating the cost of this project to be in the range of $75,000.00. St Ann’s has some funds saved for this type of unexpected project, but your help is greatly appreciated. No gift is too small. If you would like to donate towards this project, please fill out the form below and bring it to the front desk for Scott or Jan.


Thank You,


Scott Johnson                     Jan Lappy
Executive Director             Assistant Administrator


One brick at a time

I would like to make a gift of…

  • $5.00-$99.00                                       Name______________________________
  • $100.00-$500.00                                 Address_____________________________
  • $500.00-$1,000.00                              ____________________________________
  • Other_______________________

August Administrator Letter

Can you believe it’s already August? This summer is definitely going by way to quickly!  The summer started out on the shy side but hopefully we will be blessed with great weather this month.

In the June edition of Annlines we asked you to submit a “story” with your personal testimony or story about Saint Ann’s and you. Several stories were turned in with excellent testimonials.  There is still time to turn in your own personal story if you would like.  With each submission, you will get a chance to enter a drawing for a $25 gift card, courtesy of WDIO.  We will be drawing the winner the last week of August.

Please excuse the construction on the first floor east wing. The project of the Resident Care Service Department is moving to the first floor is still in progress.  The computer cabling will be completed the week of August 1st.  Our next move is to move our computer server.  Our maintenance department is busy painting and upgrading the new St. Luke’s Therapy room.  This is part of the project was made possible by an $8,000 technology grant from the Miller Dwan Foundation.  Our hopeful date for having this project completed is set for October.

Our audit occurs every year in August. The business office employees will be busy at the end of the month making sure we are in compliance with all of our accounts, nonprofit regulations, and bookkeeping practices.

Lastly, we would like to thank all of our staff, residents, volunteers, and families who have worked so hard on our summertime events. Our summer picnic, rummage sale, and the work completed in the gardens was accomplished with all of your hard work. Thank you!



Scott and Jan