September Administrators Letter

Administrators Letter

On the morning of Friday, August 18th I was greeted on the patio with bricks on the ground. Brick buildings are high maintenance and owning one is asking for constant upkeep. You must be wondering, “What happened?” Well, water has accumulated behind the bricks on the inner west wall, facing our patio. Over the years, water has frozen and thawed and deteriorated the mortar and the integrity of the bricks themselves. This has pushed the bricks away from the wall, slowly but detrimentally over the years. If you decide to take a look, you will notice where some of the bricks have fallen from, and where others have “bulged” and are at risk of falling. The repair cost for this is something we will need help with, as it is significantly out of the ordinary for us.

“One Brick at a Time” is the name of our fund raising efforts. I am estimating the cost of this project to be in the range of $75,000.00. St Ann’s has some funds saved for this type of unexpected project, but your help is greatly appreciated. No gift is too small. If you would like to donate towards this project, please fill out the form below and bring it to the front desk for Scott or Jan.


Thank You,


Scott Johnson                     Jan Lappy
Executive Director             Assistant Administrator


One brick at a time

I would like to make a gift of…

  • $5.00-$99.00                                       Name______________________________
  • $100.00-$500.00                                 Address_____________________________
  • $500.00-$1,000.00                              ____________________________________
  • Other_______________________

August Administrator Letter

Can you believe it’s already August? This summer is definitely going by way to quickly!  The summer started out on the shy side but hopefully we will be blessed with great weather this month.

In the June edition of Annlines we asked you to submit a “story” with your personal testimony or story about Saint Ann’s and you. Several stories were turned in with excellent testimonials.  There is still time to turn in your own personal story if you would like.  With each submission, you will get a chance to enter a drawing for a $25 gift card, courtesy of WDIO.  We will be drawing the winner the last week of August.

Please excuse the construction on the first floor east wing. The project of the Resident Care Service Department is moving to the first floor is still in progress.  The computer cabling will be completed the week of August 1st.  Our next move is to move our computer server.  Our maintenance department is busy painting and upgrading the new St. Luke’s Therapy room.  This is part of the project was made possible by an $8,000 technology grant from the Miller Dwan Foundation.  Our hopeful date for having this project completed is set for October.

Our audit occurs every year in August. The business office employees will be busy at the end of the month making sure we are in compliance with all of our accounts, nonprofit regulations, and bookkeeping practices.

Lastly, we would like to thank all of our staff, residents, volunteers, and families who have worked so hard on our summertime events. Our summer picnic, rummage sale, and the work completed in the gardens was accomplished with all of your hard work. Thank you!



Scott and Jan

From the Administrators Desk

Hello Everyone,

How wonderful it is to be living in Duluth during the summer. The truth is, even though we may complain about the weather, we love all of our seasons here.

This month we would like to talk further about ideas for “giving”. Saint Ann’s is a non-profit organization, and has a long history of being the gracious recipient of many gifts from those that live here, and have lived here. Families of current and past residents, local businesses and grant giving organizations are a few examples of places Saint Ann’s has received gifts from. However, giving money on a limited budget is difficult. We all know and understand the reality of living within our means.

If you are considering ways to help Saint Ann’s, perhaps estate planning would be an option. Meeting with your loved ones, or your financial counselor and deciding on a pre-planned gift to Saint Ann’s would be a welcomed option for giving. A second idea, along the same line of thinking, would be to request your family to have your memorial donations be “gifted” to Saint Ann’s. This is a beautiful way to express your appreciation for our organization and mission, without changing your wishes for what you may be gifting your family.

We appreciate you very much, and are glad you choose to live at Saint Ann’s. We hope we are meeting your needs and providing you with a wonderful place to live. If there are any questions about gifting, please feel free to contact myself, or Jan. We will do our best to answer your questions.



Scott O. Johnson
Executive Director


Jan Lappy
Assistant Administrator

From the Administrators Desk

June 2017

Hello Everyone,

I want to take a moment to talk about advertising and marketing. Many of you, over the past year have come to me to share your ideas about how to “best spread” the news about St Ann’s. I want to say Thank You for your input; I love to hear all of your ideas. Over the past year, we have done many things to organize our marketing efforts: television advertising, radio, newspaper, church bulletins, improved brochures, business cards, healthcare booth displays, speaking engagements, and to improve our social media presence. The quest for that next idea continues, and that is where you come in.

I have asked our television film crew to work with us on a series of “Story Ads”. I would like to present your personal testimony as to why you chose to live here, and why you continue to stay. Some examples are; how did you met your best friend at St Ann’s, or how is having a pet in your life important? Why is having a raised garden important to you in the summer? Really, I just want to hear your stories.

You will find the form to fill out, on a different page in the Annlines.  They can be turned in to me at the front desk. I cannot wait to hear from you.

With each story submission, you will get a chance to enter a drawing for a twenty-five dollar gift card, courtesy of WDIO.



Scott Johnson

Executive Director


Jan Lappy

Assistant Administrator



From the Administrator’s Desk

Our weather is proof positive-change is all around us, and it is the only constant in life. We have a lot to tell you about so make sure to come to Open Forum on Wednesday, May 3rd in the Social Hall.

We had received some good news last week. We recently applied for a technology grant from the Miller Dwan Foundation to help us with updating our medical computers and net working systems. We were awarded $8000. This will start the project of moving our RCS Nursing Staff from the third floor main office to the first floor area next to the Resident Program area and St. Luke’s Therapy will be moving down the hallway. Target date of completion is October 2017.

A reminder that we are going back to breakfast being served on 5th floor instead of 3rd floor beginning May 1st.  Breakfast will be served on 2nd and 5th floors. If you have questions see Andy in Food Service. We are still looking for Food Committee members. The commitment is to attend the Food Committee one time monthly.

The Scott Johnson trio will be here to entertain us for the Mother’s Day Party event. We will have a fun afternoon or music and fun refreshments! It will be Saturday, May 13th starting at 2:00.

We would like to thank everyone for all your support in making St. Ann’s a special place. This would not be possible without you. Our cushions for the chapel have been ordered and thanks to Harry Podgorski’s hard work the pews have been repaired. Several of you have asked, “What next and how can I help?” the answer is in many areas. With your financial support we can continue our many much needed projects.   We continue to seek funds for the RCS department move to first floor, our furniture fund, funds to help replace our worn lobby carpet, help with our gardens so they once again can be beautiful. You can also donate to the activity fund, chapel fund or mark your donation as unrestricted so it can be used where needed most. We also ask for your support in prayers, volunteering and guidance.


Scott and Jan

From the Desk of Jan

April showers bring May flowers, I hope. Here at St. Ann’s we will be busy getting out the bus and hoping for good weather.

I am excited to introduce Crystal Detlefsen as our new Director of Resident Program Services. She started the week of the rummage sale, the next week happy hour and monthly Birthday Party and she is taking over the Production of the Annlines so I would say we are off to a good start!

April 23rd-29th is National Volunteer Appreciation Month. This is always an exciting week for us at St. Ann’s because this is an official day that we can stay thank you for all you do. St. Ann’s would not be the great place it is without volunteers. If you are volunteering regularly, check with Crystal to make sure she has you registered so you are invited to the volunteer luncheon on Wednesday April 26th.

Thank you to everyone that helped with the rummage and bake sale. Isn’t it wonderful that in two days we took in over $5,000 dollars!

April looks like it will be a busy month, starting April 1st with an April Fool’s Day Party with music and goodies.

 There will be beautiful services in our chapel if you choose to join in this Easter Season.

Thank you to residents, staff, volunteers, and family for what you do every day!

Wishing you a Blessed and Happy Easter and Spring Season.

-Jan Lappy

Assistant Administrator and Resident Life Services



Melting Away the Winter Blues

As I write this, we are at the end of a stretch of brutal, below zero wind-chills. In fact, the current northland thaw, with the warmth of the sun, the ice turning to slush, and the pavement clearing of snow is enough to convince the hearty Duluthians to don shorts and spring jackets. If there is one certain thing in life it’s that, like the weather, it is ever changing.

At St. Ann’s we have packed our February activities calendar with all sorts of events and entertainment. Of course, the big holiday in February is Valentine’s Day. This day, devoted to love, is not just for couples. There are never enough chances to tell those in your life how much they mean to you. Parents, children, friends and caregivers all appreciate knowing what a difference they make in peoples’ lives. I hope everyone will take advantage of this time to call, write, visit or reach out to those who are in your thoughts.

After you talk to those people you love, make a resolution to take care of yourself so you can be there for them. February is also Heart Health Month. We will have an Open House for our Wellness Room. Staff will be available to show you how to use the various machines. Don’t be hesitant. Our Nu-Step machine can accommodate limited abilities, and various levels of experience. Now is the perfect time to take that first step to better health.

The end of the month will culminate in our Beat the Winter Blues, Fat Tuesday Happy Hour, with music by Florian Chzmielewski, donuts, non-alcoholic hurricane drinks and more. I hope everyone will join us to shake off the cold and gloom and celebrate the hope of the coming spring!



Jan Lappy –Director of Resident Life Services