Volunteer Opportunity

St. Ann’s has many volunteer opportunities for residents and community members. Here is a list of one-time events, year-long activities, and everything in between.

Volunteer opportunities include:
 -Rummage and Thrift Sales
 -Monthly Birthday Party
 -Entertaining Residents
 -Teach or Assist with a Craft Class or Activity
 -Library
 -Read to Residents
 -Resident Visits
 -Decorating for Activities
 -Write Letters for Residents
 -Work in the Little Shoppe
 -Any Other Talents Welcome

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact , St. Ann’s, at  (218)727 8831.


One thought on “Volunteer Opportunity

  1. My name is Ashley Alletto and I work for the UMD Athletic Department. On December 31st we have a Men’s and Women’s Basketball Game. We would love to invite your residence to the game. Please let me know if I can send you more information about this game, including information about discounted tickets.

    Thank you,

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