Resident Life

Where Community Means Community

Resident Council

We value St. Ann’s as the home of our residents.  We welcome residents to serve on the Resident Council.

Food Committee

Our residents have the opportunity to be a part of the committee that gives feedback and advice on the food service here at St. Ann’s.  We encourage residents, regardless of whether they are on the committee or not, to share their views with us regarding the food service in our assisted living community.  Residents help us strive for excellence in quality of meals and in the level of service we provide.

Darlene’s Beauty Shop

St. Ann’s features a beauty shop on the premises where residents can have their hair cut, colored, and styled.  Residents can enjoy this amenity without having to leave the building. Their hours are:

WEDNESDAY 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM
THURSDAY 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
FRIDAY 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

More information on their services can be found here: darlenes-salon

There is also a barber available one the first Monday of each month at 5 pm.

Little Shoppe

We also operate a store inside the building where residents can purchase snacks, toiletries, cards, soda, water, juices, and other supplies.  If we don’t have it on the shelves, residents can request items and we’ll pick them up the next time we stock the store.  The store is open every day and it is run by residents and volunteers.


Our library is located on the third floor and is available for residents to use 24 hours a day.  In addition to a wide selection of books and magazines, we also have the daily paper ready for the morning and we have adaptive reading devices for those who need help reading smaller print.  The reading tables and comfortable seating invites residents to spend time reading or reflecting in a quiet room.  Residents may check out books as well.

Bible Study/Worship

For those interested in maintaining their religious study and observance, we offer a weekly Bible study here at St. Ann’s with Reverend Bob Stevens.  We also have a chapel in our facility for worship services, rosary, mass, and memorial services.

Tai Chi

We offer weekly classes in tai chi, an ancient Chinese tradition practiced today as exercise involving slow, focused movements, accompanied by deep breathing.  Tai Chi can help reduce stress and anxiety, and helps increase flexibility and balance.