June Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,

Information regarding COVID-19 changes every day both on a local and a national level. Even here at St Ann’s things differ from day to day depending on who is being tested or if someone does not feel well.

Here is the current information of where we are at as of this Friday, May 29th. As of this morning we have one resident that is currently testing positive and hopefully they will get a negative reading soon. There has been a lot of discussion on many levels of the accuracy of testing and who should be tested. Be assured the medical community and the Minnesota Department of Health are giving us tremendous support and they are helping us in every way possible to keep you safe. We have had no new cases in the last several weeks.

Regarding total cases here at St. Ann’s: Since April 3rd when the first positive case was confirmed through today, 29 residents have tested positive for COVID-19. Of the 29 cases, 18 have recovered and sadly 11 residents have died. We know many of you are grieving the passing of your friends and neighbors. We are working on getting support in to help everyone with all the changes that have happened because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like all other assisted living facilities in the state, we are still on the “stay at home” order and no visitors. As soon as the regulations and guidelines change, we will let you know. Thank you for your understanding.


The St. Ann’s Team

A Smile Behind the Mask: an inspiring story about one of our great staff!

Hi Family and Friends of St. Ann’s,

We’d like to share with you a story the Duluth News Tribune recently published about Brynn Ericson, a fantastic employee that has been at St. Ann’s for over 10 years.



Mother’s Day Update

Dear Family and Friends of St. Ann’s,

As Mother’s day weekend is here St. Ann’s like many other facilities are still on a strict no visitor policy. The long traditions of style shows and Mother’s Day Teas will, unfortunately, have to be put on hold. This year we had planned a 50’s Rock and Roll Sock Hop dance had been planned. Hopefully, in the near future, that event will be able to go on as planned. This Mother’s day all our female residents will receive a rose with their noon meal.

We continue to work hard every day to protect our residents. We are still in contact with government and health officials. We still also have an Infection Control Specialist on site. We, again, thank the community for all of the support and donations. This week was National Nurses week and Friday was a special day at St. Ann’s where donors provided lunch to all employees and gifts of lotions, soaps, and gift bags. It meant so much to all the superheroes that are working to take care of our residents.

Join Our Team!



Hi all,

We are looking for some great people to join our team. Click the link below or see the Employment page on our site.

We are looking for Nursing Assistants, LPN’s, Personal Caregivers, and Food service Workers.

We Offer excellent pay, bonus opportunities, and great people.

Together we’re St. Ann’s Strong!