Craft and Bake Sale This Saturday

Our Craft and back Sale in this Saturday, November 17th from 9am-2pm

Craft Vendors, Baked Goods, Next to New, Christmas Items. Sloppy Joe Lunch available for purchase.

Free cup of coffee with any purchase.

Start your Holiday Shopping!



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November Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,

Do you know how you feel like when you have been talking about something for a long time, that you begin to think that it will never happen? That is how I have been feeling about the video security system. But guess what happened? I was notified by the Miller-Dwan Foundation that they will be funding our new video security system. I submitted the required paper work this week and Saint Ann’s will have the funds by early November. It may take a month or two to get the system installed and operational. Your safety is of great importance to us, and this will go a long way to securing the inside and outside of our home. It’s a very exciting time!

The weather is taking a turn to the cooler side of things. Now that the building’s heat is back on, please move your personal items away from the baseboard heaters. Blankets, planters, stuffed animals can all become damaged from the heat.

Let’s keep our home safe as we get ready for the holidays.


Scott and Jan


October Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,

Fall is upon us, as I have said before this is my favorite time of here. I love the weather and the colors and the sports. I just returned from a week stay at Glacier National Park. It is colder there and the fall colors were amazing.

Issue Discussion                          

I want to talk today about taking dishes, glasses and silverware from the dining rooms. Please stop. We simply can’t keep buying new dishes and glasses as residents remove them from the dining rooms and keep them in their rooms. Let me put it this way, you can’t go into a restaurant and leave with the dishes and glasses and you really can’t do that here either.  If you want to bring some of your meal back to your apartment with you, please ask your server for a “to-go box” and they will gladly take care of you.

Fun Stuff

Do you know someone that wants to live at Saint Ann’s? We are offering a $250 friend referral credit if your referral moves into Saint Ann’s.

There are many fun things to look forward too. On October 19th and 20th we will have a pancake fundraiser in the social hall and in November a craft and bake sale.

The social hall floor is finished, and will be open October 1st for our October Fest celebration.  Thank You for all of your help with raising the money to get that project finished.

We will see all of you at the open forum, and look forward to your questions


Scott and Jan

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September Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,

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There is a Cowboy fan, a Packer fan and a Viking fan hiking to the top of the mountain together. The Cowboy fan hollers “This is for Texas!” as he jumps off of the mountain into the river below. The Packer fan yells “This is for Wisconsin” as he pushes the Viking fan off of the mountain. 

It is that time of year again, every Friday lets wear our favorite sports team jersey, sweatshirt, hat, or whatever you have. Let the games begin!

All right, back to business. We had the city of Duluth complete our rental housing license survey. There were basically two issues:

First, there has been changes to the city code regarding smoke detectors. The code requires that each detector have a manufacturer’s imprinted date on it. This will mean that our team will need to replace all of the smoke detectors in the building. This is a bigger project and will take some time to complete. This doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with our existing smoke detectors, just a change in rules and we will need to come into compliance.

Secondly, the use of extension cords in resident rooms and throughout the building was a violation of city code. How this affects you will be discussed in greater detail by Dawn and Jason.

Here comes the fall, can you believe it?


Scott and Jan

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August Administrator’s Letter


Hello Everyone,


Where has our summer escaped to? I find it hard to believe that August is upon us. It does mean there is still some warm weather left and I have to admit that I love fall the most. You just can’t beat that crisp air and orange leaves.


Our building projects are moving along, the first thing that you will notice will be the work in the Social Hall. The project will begin in early September and that room really won’t be available for our use until October. I know it will be beautiful in the end and this restoration will buy us many more years of use of that wooden floor. I just want to say “Thank You” to everyone that has donated and volunteered at fund-raisers to help make this project a real-ity.

The next topic isn’t much fun to talk about, but necessary. I received a letter from Saint Mary’s Star of the Sea church. They wanted me to remind you that their land, parking lot and building is smoke free. Please be good neighbors and abide by their wishes.

Thank You for choosing Saint Ann’s as your home and have a great August!



Scott and Jan