Administrator’s Letter February 2021

Hello Everyone,

To all of you that participated in the Covid-19 vaccination clinic, Thank You, Thank You, and some more Thank You! Many of you have asked what the total of participation was between residents and staff? The unofficial numbers are 70% of the staff and 85% of the residents. I feel as though that is a significant move to achieving a safer community to live and work in. February 18th is our scheduled day for the second shot, and I am sure we will make that a party environment as well.

So, what do we know? It takes time. It takes time for our bodies to build antibodies and it takes time for the second shot to occur. After the second shot, it takes more time to be immune. I know its not perfect and it isn’t fast, but at least we have something to fight this virus with.

Congratulations to all of us at Saint Ann’s for being in the first 5% of Minnesotans to receive the vaccine!

As Always,

Scott Johnson

Executive Director


January 2021 Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year!  I am not sure if I am excited for 2021 to begin, or for 2020 to be over with. Either way, I find this week to be full of positive energy for the future.

This year immediately brings us to the opportunity for vaccination against COVID-19. You all should have received a consent form from RCS. Please complete your form and return it to the nurses’ office. As I understand the procedure there will not be a whole lot of lead time once our vaccination date is scheduled. Time is of the essence. This is clearly our best path forward to end the pandemic and I encourage everyone to be vaccinated. I will be there with you “Rolling Up My Sleeve”!

I also want to pass on to you how much my music group enjoyed playing for you at the Christmas party. It wasn’t easy creating a safe environment to plan a party within the governmental limitations that we are all living with, but I think we have laid the ground work for future events. I hope your New Year’s Eve party is equally as successful.


Scott and Jan

December Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,

As we go into the holiday season it gives us an opportunity to reflect on things. This year has been full of many challenges for everyone. Life as we know it changed in a matter of minutes. Here at St. Ann’s COVID can’t stop our goodwill and we will continue to rise to meet all the difficulties and challenges. This Christmas and New Years may be unlike any other in the history of St. Ann’s but we will continue to do our best to bring you a festive holiday season.

It is a tradition here to spend this time of year reflecting on the bright spots and finding reasons to celebrate.

This year despite of everything, we witnessed incredible and inspiring acts of bravery and acts of kindness. We saw the absolute good in you the residents and dedication from our staff coming in and working in very difficult condition. The support from the community, your families and friends asking “What can we do to help?” has been amazing and inspiring.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May we all find peace and joy this Christmas Season,


Scott and Jan


Sunshine is not cancelled, love is not cancelled, reading is not cancelled, devotion is not cancelled, friendships are not cancelled, gratitude is not cancelled, kindness is not cancelled, hope is not cancelled.



Wishing you a blessed and safe Thanksgiving

To Family and Friends:

This is to inform you due to the surge in Covid-19 in St. Louis County we have closed the social hall indoor visits at this time. We are doing our best to make a festive Thanksgiving for your loved ones.

On behalf of all of St. Ann’s have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving.

Jan Lappy and Scott Johnson