May Annlines 2023

Hello Everyone,

Congratulations! We have made it through the snowiest winter recorded in Duluth’s history. To put it into perspective as of this writing we are at 139.7 inches which is 11 feet 4 inches. Wow that is a lot of snow! Our usual winters are around 87 inches. It was a little disappointing for us to see the tulips that were planted last fall in our garden that came up covered with snow last week. If we are all feeling a little stir crazy and anxious for spring and warmer weather, we sure have a good reason.

At the last Family Council meeting it was discussed that we have not published a Wishlist (Wants & Needs List) recently. Being a nonprofit, our needs are great, and we are continuing to follow our mission of trying to stay affordable for everyone. One of the items that we will be fundraising for and asking for particular donations for is the repair of our bus. The estimated cost is $5,000. Attached on the next page is a current listing. If you would like to consider a donation or have questions, please see Jan Lappy-Assistant Administrator in the main office or my email

Hopefully things are going a little smoother in the dining room now that we have removed one chair from each table.  We want your dining experience to be an enjoyable one for everyone. 

On May 25th we will be holding our annual spring dance with music by the Windjammers. This is open to all so invite your friends and family to have a great time from 7-9pm in our Social Hall.

Hoping April (Snow) Showers bring May Flowers! 


Scott and Jan


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