February Annlines

Hello Everyone,
What a wild start to the New Year 2023!! From snowstorms to above aver-age temperatures to the frigid weather we are experiencing now. To live in the Northland, we need to be hardy folks! Although things are ever changing, St. Ann’s history in the community is stable and goes back 113 years. This month there is an article in the Senior Reporter magazine on pages 24-26 that gives a detailed history of St. Ann’s. This October we will be celebrating 60 years in our current building. On October 1, 1963, is when St. Ann’s was officially opened. St. Ann’s was a State-of-the-Art facility. We continue to make improvements and do upkeep projects on our building.
Our next projects are the entrance and the lobby flooring and to work on getting internet throughout our building. These are two major projects that will improve our facility. We are constantly striving to keep our building in great condition and do projects to make it more comfortable for our resi-dents. So, keep your eyes open to the changes that will be coming soon.
Some residents have been commenting on how fun the activities are. They are truly enjoying the variety of things to do. Let’s keep having fun and enjoy the things offered inside, as it is way to cold to be outside!

Scott and Jan


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