January Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,
If 2022 is telling us anything…. It is telling us to enjoy the moments we have,
and don’t take any day, anything or anyone for granted.

Be proud of how you’ve been handling the last year and celebrate your
strength! A huge thank you goes out to the residents, families, employees
and volunteers for their support and hard work. From our rummage sales to
coney fundraisers to new curtains in the Social Hall everyone has worked
endlessly to improve and support St. Ann’s.

On behalf of the all the residents, we would like to thank the Family Council
and Auxiliary for giving each resident a Christmas gift this year. They also
supported our staff with such things like a pizza lunch and they are planning
some nice appreciation projects for 2023.

In the next month we will be reviewing and updating all resident’s records
and documents that we have on file. We will notify you and make an appointment to go over everything with you or your legal representative. With
the new Assisted Living regulation that took place in August of 2021 there
are certain requirements that need to be in your contracts and if you have a
service agreement. At this time, we will make sure that we have your family
and friend contact information updated also.
Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Scott and Jan


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