November Annlines

Hello everyone,

November is a special time of the year for all of us to celebrate the harvest and give thanks for all we have. This year, 2022,  has taught us the lesson that things we planned on or counted on can change quickly.  From supply shortages to high inflation, we continue to try to do the best for St. Ann’s and the residents we serve.

We have wonderful news that we have received funding to fix the east elevator. Work on it will start as soon as the parts come in and the elevator company is available.  Thank you to everyone for all your support.

Please join us at the next Open Forum on  November 9th to go over the emergency preparedness plan such as fire safety, evacuation, and severe weather. It is required that we offer this one time per year to residents and it is good for everyone to know. Open Forum is a time to meet with Administration and ask questions and get the latest information.

For many years Reverend Bob Stevens would quote this at our Thanksgiving Service:

If you have a roof over your head

If you have a place to sleep tonight

If you have access to clean drinking water

If you have food to eat and clothes to wear

You are more fortunate than many in this world

Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! 


Scott and Jan


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