September Administrator’s Letter

Hello everyone,
Labor Day and the change of the season to fall is fast approaching. As we celebrate the legal holiday for labors, please take the time to thank our employees
for all their hard work. There is a long important history regarding Labor Day
and the sacrifice that many before us endured so that the American worker
could be recognized for all the hard work they do.
In this last year with worker shortages, all our employees whether salaried,
hourly, and contracted workers have put in many extra hours to help keep St.
Ann’s going. Many businesses post signs that they are working short so to be
patient or reduced hours and you have heard it said, “everyone is working short
so please thank the people that show up!” Please be assured that we monitor
all departments and all shifts and there are days that are challenges.
Just a reminder of some ways to stay informed. Channel 3 on your TV is the “St.
Ann’s Channel” with daily and weekly information. There are photos from previous activities on the channel also. Events and activities are posted on the Daily
Board in the main 3rd floor lobby and are also announced.
To hear the daily menu:
Dial *8 on a St. Ann’s phone
Dial 740-5070 on a non-St. Ann’s phone
To hear the daily activities:
Dial *9 on a St. Ann’s phone
Dial 740-5071 on a non-St. Ann’s phone.

Scott and Jan


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