August Annlines

Hello Everyone,
As August rolls around and we are into the lazy hazy days of summer we
hope you are doing well and having a good summer.
Thank you for all your continued cooperation and we are happy to report
that we have zero cases of COVID in our building. Who would have thought
that we would still be talking about COVID and testing two and a half years
There will be an Open Forum meeting on August 3rd at 2:00 in the Social Hall.
This is a time to meet with Administration to receive the latest updates and if
you have questions or concerns it is a good time to bring them up. One thing
we will be talking about at this meeting is our Resident Council. We have several openings and council members will be available to talk with you. It is a
good place to get involved!
At this time, we going to continue with serving our meals in the Social Hall.
We are going to try to bring back our monthly Administrator’s Lunch on
Wednesday, August 17th. This is a day we try to have a special meal and our
administrative staff are available to help and visit with you.
A big THANK YOU to the Family Council and the St. Ann’s Auxiliary for sponsoring a pizza lunch last month for our staff in appreciation for all they do.

Scott and Jan


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