January 2022 Administrators Letter

Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s time to look forward to fresh start this New Year. Hopefully 2022 will bring good things to you and to St. Ann’s.

“The only constant in life is change” could not be a better quote for the last almost two years of the global pandemic. Sometimes it is like whiplash as changes occur in the world, United States, Minnesota, St. Louis County, and the City of Duluth!  The one thing we do know is that it has not been easy but THANK YOU for all you do each day to forge ahead.

The one thing that has not changed at St. Ann’s is that when you are leaving the building that you sign out at the Front Desk especially if planning to be gone through the mealtimes, an extended period or overnight. This system is not to invade your privacy but to make sure you are safe when we sign off on our resident safety checks it is recorded that you are out of the building and have checked back in when returning.

We are off to a good start with new residents coming in and we have several new employees starting this week. Please greet them and if they have questions help them out. You may have seen hiring signs all over and heard this is the most difficult time to retain staff so please thank the staff that come to work everyday and try to serve you the very best they can.


Jan and Scott


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