December Administrator’s Letter


As the month of December rolls along you will see St. Ann’s transformed into a place of Christmas and holiday beauty! St. Ann’s is a huge building to decorate inside and out.
Some updated news regarding the Patio Room and the 6th floor dining room. With our maintenance staff doing the work on completing the Patio Room and needed re-pair of the interior wall, this project is taking longer than anticipated. We have decid-ed to designate another area that the residents can utilize while the Patio Room is being completed. We are going to move the items from the patio room up to 6th floor dining room temporarily. This means the piano, foyer TV, puzzles, tables for card play-ing, visiting and some comfortable furniture will be up there for you to utilize. We hope this will serve you well and you will enjoy another area of our building. Please be assured that our goal is to continue to have the 6th floor dining room remain a din-ing room when our occupancy increases and we gain employees to staff another din-ing room.
We want to thank everyone that donated to St. Ann’s through GiveMN. Whether you donated on line or off line we raised a total of $7,110.00 to support St. Ann’s. We al-so want to thank everyone that has supported St. Ann’s through this year! We have done many great things this year from repairing the patio, to getting a new sound sys-tem in the chapel and updating the Social Hall sound system, to having a Years of Ser-vice Employee Recognition and much more because of your generosity.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Scott and Jan


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