August Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,

Welcome, to all of the new faces at Saint Ann’s! I know adjusting to a new home can be difficult and I hope you can find everything you need to make Saint Ann’s feel like home.

I hope you have been able to see the progress on the patio wall. Jason is a little more than half-way through the project and it looks like the repairs are going to go a long way with the future integrity of the wall panels and safety of the patio for your use. Thank You to Jason, for his ingenuity and determination to get this project put together. There was nothing simple about it. Thank You to the generous foundations that have combined to pay for this very expensive project, their support is deeply appreciated.

A few words about our dining rooms. The hope was to fully re-open our dining rooms by August 1st.  The biggest obstacle has always been finding enough employees to fill the expanded schedule to accomplish this. If you have been following the news, our nation is in a worker shortage crisis. This is true in the Twin Ports and has impacted us at Saint Ann’s. All I can promise at this point is that we will keep things as they are, and we will continue to search for the people resources that we need.  Hang in there, we will get there!


Scott and Jan


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