Administrator’s Letter May 2021

Hello Everyone,

We are on the brink of our season shifting! You can sense that all it will take is for the wind to change direction and we will be having some beautiful 60 degree sunny spring days. With that, we would be normally opening the patio area. Many of you have signed up for planting boxes and all of us love getting outside. The patio this year needs to have some repair work completed before I can safely re-open it. We are finalizing bids for a construction company to come in and secure the panels below the dining room windows on each floor. We are working on getting this repaired as soon as possible.

I hope everyone is enjoying the consistent and gradual removal of restrictions. If you haven’t noticed we welcomed back our volunteers. We missed all that they do for us this past year. Of course, having family and friends being able to enter the building again has been significant.

Keep positive, keep smiling and keep the faith! Good things will come our way.


Scott and Jan


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