Administrator’s Letter February 2021

Hello Everyone,

To all of you that participated in the Covid-19 vaccination clinic, Thank You, Thank You, and some more Thank You! Many of you have asked what the total of participation was between residents and staff? The unofficial numbers are 70% of the staff and 85% of the residents. I feel as though that is a significant move to achieving a safer community to live and work in. February 18th is our scheduled day for the second shot, and I am sure we will make that a party environment as well.

So, what do we know? It takes time. It takes time for our bodies to build antibodies and it takes time for the second shot to occur. After the second shot, it takes more time to be immune. I know its not perfect and it isn’t fast, but at least we have something to fight this virus with.

Congratulations to all of us at Saint Ann’s for being in the first 5% of Minnesotans to receive the vaccine!

As Always,

Scott Johnson

Executive Director



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