October Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,

The Pandemic rages on, as cases in our country have hit record highs and the US has crossed 200,000 deaths. Clearly this situation is not going to resolve itself anytime soon. What does each of us need to do? Be respectful of those we live with. Wear your mask when you are outside of your apartment. Wash/sanitize your hands. Socially distance yourself from others. It is what all of us in society need to do. You might not be aware, but there is not a public building in Minnesota that you can enter without doing these things and Saint Ann’s is no different.

I hope the meal tray pick up is going well in your apartments. Please remember to not put the dirty tray on the floor or in the hallway. If you need your tray picked up please call the front desk.

Just a reminder, there is no smoking outside next to our building. The only close outdoor smoking area is past our parking lot entrance sign.

Also be sure to remember that we are celebrating Oktoberfest on Wednesday, October 7th, with a special German themed supper. We will be having beer bratwurst, German potato salad, pretzel with cheese, apple dessert, and a non-alcoholic beer. We hope you enjoy!

Thank You and Be Well.


Scott and Jan



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