Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,

  Thank You for your resilience during the pandemic. I know how hard this has been on all of you. Because you have all done such an amazing job combating the virus, we can move along with re-opening parts of our facility. Please keep in mind that the Department of Health is giving us regulations on what we can and cannot do, but a lot has to do with our success with keeping the virus at bay. Our next project is re-opening the dining rooms. This is going to take some time, up to several weeks, as we have made many changes to some of those spaces to accommodate our current tray service and to implement a plan for infection control of all dining rooms. When the time comes, here is what you can expect at first:

M-F lunch meal only (the rest will continue to be tray service to your rooms)

You will dine only on the floor that you live on, other than 1st floor who will be eating on 2nd floor

Assigned table and only 1 person per table and all tables 6 feet apart

Assigned time period for your meal (as there will be designated shifts)

We are all looking forward to seeing you out and about more, and recapturing some of our normal that we miss so dearly. Please remember to always wear your mask and wash your hands. We will communicate and inform you as the opening date approaches and the final details are worked out.  

Sincerely, Scott and Jan


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