Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. Thank you to everyone who made our Holiday Season beautiful and all the community support we have received the past year. I was able to enjoy some peaceful time at home. We have a new cat, and I was able to be around as he adjusted to our home. We rescued him from a shelter. He’s two and a beautiful black panther.

I want to talk about our housekeeping and nursing services. When the housekeepers come to your room, be kind and let them in to do their job. I expect them to help keep your apartments clean, so please allow them to do so. The same is true with scheduled nursing services, like showers. Please work with the nursing staff to get your shower at the scheduled time. It just helps everything go smoother in our not so perfect world.


Thank You for your help with these things and have a great New Year!


Scott and Jan



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