November Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,

Do you know how you feel like when you have been talking about something for a long time, that you begin to think that it will never happen? That is how I have been feeling about the video security system. But guess what happened? I was notified by the Miller-Dwan Foundation that they will be funding our new video security system. I submitted the required paper work this week and Saint Ann’s will have the funds by early November. It may take a month or two to get the system installed and operational. Your safety is of great importance to us, and this will go a long way to securing the inside and outside of our home. It’s a very exciting time!

The weather is taking a turn to the cooler side of things. Now that the building’s heat is back on, please move your personal items away from the baseboard heaters. Blankets, planters, stuffed animals can all become damaged from the heat.

Let’s keep our home safe as we get ready for the holidays.


Scott and Jan



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