June Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,

With summer comes warm sunny days (maybe lol), an opened patio at St Ann’s, the return of our bus for outings and construction. We have three projects that will start at some point this season:

More Bricks: Last fall we just didn’t have enough time to finish our brick project on the west wall of our patio area. As with all projects, we found more damage than was initially expected. Please respect the caution tape stay clear of the west wall, however enjoy the rest of the patio.

Parking Lot and Sidewalks: Our parking lot is in major need of being sealed and having cracks repaired. Our sidewalks and curbs in the front of the building need repair as well. There is some coordinating to do regarding parking once the project begins. No date is set, there will be more information as we get closer to the project date. Projected finish date of November 1st.

Social Hall Flooring: The finish on our floor has peeled and the floor itself has some warping in places. I think there was some mis-information about this project. There are two possible outcomes depending on how much money we raise.

Option #1: Strip off the old finish, apply a new finish and buff it out. This will give us a beautiful new floor, but will not level the floor. Estimated cost approximately $4,000.00

Option #2: Same as above and the wooden floor is sanded level. Estimated cost: $8,000.00

We have a projected start date for the first week of September.

If you would like to make a donation towards any of the construction projects, it would be greatly appreciated. No donation is too small.


Thank You


Scott and Jan


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