May Administrator’s Letter


            It is exciting to see the signs of warm weather and the hope of flowers blooming soon. Here at St. Ann’s, we always have many projects going on.   We will continue to work on repairing the outside bricks, and this summer we need to repair our parking lot and curbs. We will be doing another fund drive letter this spring to help with such projects.

The Resident Program Service Department will be working on two     projects. One is the repair of our Showcase on the first floor. This is where next to new items can be purchased and display items are placed. Sadly last year the glass shattered. To get it fully repaired it will cost $936. The other project is to get the floor in the Social Hall polished. We have two estimates, one to buff and put down 2 coats of finish for $3,975 and the other to sand, seal, and put down 3 coats of finish for $4,925. Any help would be greatly appreciated to help with the cost of these projects. So far $200 has been donated towards the repair of the showcase.

Recently we have had families and residents ask how can they help St. Ann’s out. You can put your donation in an envelope and place in the donation desk in the main lobby. You may also give to Jan Lappy or Sharon Lenzen     personally.  

We know everyone is anxious about getting out on the patio. Our Maintenance Department will be busy getting the patio ready to open

weather permitting. We have to make sure Sthe patio furniture is safe and clean. Some trimming and cleaning will take place before it can open. There are a lot of fun things planned for this summer! Hope you enjoy them and have a good time.


Scott and Jan




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