February 2018

Hello Everyone,


           The cold and flu season has sure hit us hard. Your safety and well-being is our first priority. I please ask that “No Unnecessary Visitors” come into the building. Also, at the front desk, there are masks that you can have to wear to reduce your exposure to airborne germs. If you want to dine in your room to reduce your risk to exposure there will be no charge for tray delivery through the end of February. Be safe, wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.


           I have heard from many of you that you are excited to have the Essentia Elder Care team making rounds here. It will take some time for the doctor to get through his list, but he will. Please see Paula if there are any questions about this service. We are just entering talks with St. Luke’s for the same service from their physicians. I will keep you posted.


           We have finished painting and installing the new wood trim on first floor east. We are now ready to move the Nursing Office. Come have a look, and watch for the open house party to be announced.



Scott and Jan


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