November Administrator’s Letter

Hello Everyone,


As always there is a lot going on at St. Ann’s. I wanted to give you an up-date on the biggest project, “One Brick at a Time”. The current project was to set-up a scaffolding tower and remove the damaged bricks from three window bays. That work has started, and some of the new bricks are already installed. Unfortunately, once the job started and we could examine the wall closer, there are many more areas in need of attention. We have plenty of extra bricks, but the cost of the project will increase as there will be more time involved and a second scaffolding tower needed. I am not sure as to the additional costs, be assured we will do everything needed to keep our patio area safe.


Thank You to everyone that has contributed to the project. To date we have raised the following funds:

                Individual donations                                            $6,215.00


                                Teamters Local 346                             $2,000.00

                                Essentia Community Contributions  $2,000.00

                                Ordean Foundation (Pledge)              $2,000.00


                                                                       Total Raised: $12,215.00

Thank You




Scott and Jan



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