From the Administrators Desk

Hello Everyone,

How wonderful it is to be living in Duluth during the summer. The truth is, even though we may complain about the weather, we love all of our seasons here.

This month we would like to talk further about ideas for “giving”. Saint Ann’s is a non-profit organization, and has a long history of being the gracious recipient of many gifts from those that live here, and have lived here. Families of current and past residents, local businesses and grant giving organizations are a few examples of places Saint Ann’s has received gifts from. However, giving money on a limited budget is difficult. We all know and understand the reality of living within our means.

If you are considering ways to help Saint Ann’s, perhaps estate planning would be an option. Meeting with your loved ones, or your financial counselor and deciding on a pre-planned gift to Saint Ann’s would be a welcomed option for giving. A second idea, along the same line of thinking, would be to request your family to have your memorial donations be “gifted” to Saint Ann’s. This is a beautiful way to express your appreciation for our organization and mission, without changing your wishes for what you may be gifting your family.

We appreciate you very much, and are glad you choose to live at Saint Ann’s. We hope we are meeting your needs and providing you with a wonderful place to live. If there are any questions about gifting, please feel free to contact myself, or Jan. We will do our best to answer your questions.



Scott O. Johnson
Executive Director


Jan Lappy
Assistant Administrator


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