From the Administrator’s Desk

Our weather is proof positive-change is all around us, and it is the only constant in life. We have a lot to tell you about so make sure to come to Open Forum on Wednesday, May 3rd in the Social Hall.

We had received some good news last week. We recently applied for a technology grant from the Miller Dwan Foundation to help us with updating our medical computers and net working systems. We were awarded $8000. This will start the project of moving our RCS Nursing Staff from the third floor main office to the first floor area next to the Resident Program area and St. Luke’s Therapy will be moving down the hallway. Target date of completion is October 2017.

A reminder that we are going back to breakfast being served on 5th floor instead of 3rd floor beginning May 1st.  Breakfast will be served on 2nd and 5th floors. If you have questions see Andy in Food Service. We are still looking for Food Committee members. The commitment is to attend the Food Committee one time monthly.

The Scott Johnson trio will be here to entertain us for the Mother’s Day Party event. We will have a fun afternoon or music and fun refreshments! It will be Saturday, May 13th starting at 2:00.

We would like to thank everyone for all your support in making St. Ann’s a special place. This would not be possible without you. Our cushions for the chapel have been ordered and thanks to Harry Podgorski’s hard work the pews have been repaired. Several of you have asked, “What next and how can I help?” the answer is in many areas. With your financial support we can continue our many much needed projects.   We continue to seek funds for the RCS department move to first floor, our furniture fund, funds to help replace our worn lobby carpet, help with our gardens so they once again can be beautiful. You can also donate to the activity fund, chapel fund or mark your donation as unrestricted so it can be used where needed most. We also ask for your support in prayers, volunteering and guidance.


Scott and Jan


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