Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s time to look forward to a fresh start this New Year. Hopefully 2017 will bring good things to you and to St. Ann’s!
We plan on continuing to make improvements throughout our building. One of our ongoing projects you will see is new furniture for the entryway and in front of the Little Shoppe and library. The current furniture was donated or purchased a long time ago and they are certainly showing their wear. With the help of our Repair and Replacement account and donations, we have placed an order, and several pieces of furniture should be arriving in early January.
The other project we are hoping to launch is cushions for our chapel pews. So often we are asked for pillows and cushions for residents to sit on. We are looking at the cost of individual cushions and the cost of getting pads for the whole seat. Scott also may have found someone that will be able to refinish the pews where they are chipped from the dryness in the chapel and need to be repaired before they are too damaged beyond repair. If you would like to donate or help out in any way you can place your monetary gift in the donation center desk in the lobby, or see Scott, Jan or Father Doyle.
I would like to remind everyone of a safety issue. So many folks feel right at home and so safe here, that they leave their doors all the way open and unlocked when they’re not there. Please consider shutting and locking your door for your safety and others. Also, there should be a drawer with a lock on it or a security box in each apartment. We encourage you to lock up your valuables and cash at all times.
We welcome everyone to come to Open Forum on Wednesday, January 4th at 2:00 in the Social Hall. At Open Forum Scott gives an update and the other managers are available to answer questions or take suggestions.
Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Jan Lappy –Director of Resident Life Services


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