Planning for the Future

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the month of October. We are already seeing donations coming in for our rummage sale, and our building is beautifully decorated for fall. St. Ann’s is known in the community for their events, which are steeped in tradition, and require great planning and teamwork. A lot of behind the scenes work goes into all that we do here.

St. Ann’s Christmas Party

One behind the scene project we have been working on, is creating a formal “Fund Development Plan”. This plan is designed to help St. Ann’s have a full calendar of programs and events, assist with ongoing improvements to our facility, and to help St. Ann’s continue for many years into the future.

We are blessed to have Celeste Zuniga on our Board of Directors. Celeste has experience in Fund Development planning and has been meeting with us and helping us implement some ideas and plans.

Enclosed in this newsletter is a donation envelope to help kick off our “Holiday Giving” program. Several residents and families have asked, “How and where can I donate to St. Ann’s?” If you would like to donate, please fill out the envelope and turn it into the Front Desk or Jan Lappy. The plan, at this time, is to continue to have Jan handle the donations. We are working on getting a “Donation Center” in our lobby. We will make this center attractive, with a beautiful piece of furniture. It will have a secure donation box and information on projects to donate to, and information about St. Ann’s. Hopefully this center will make it more convenient to donate and thereby generate more funds.

There are many areas that are in need of your help. The Holiday Season can be expensive and we want it to be the best that it can be. There is an area on the envelope included with your Annlines that lets you donate to “Where needed most” or you can designate to a specific area, such as:

  • Our beautiful chapel
  • Special programs (Like the Christmas Party)
  • Staff Christmas Gifts
  • Equipment Purchases
  • Holiday lighting and decorations

    St. Ann’s Chapel

If you cannot donate, it would be greatly appreciated if you could, possibly, pass your envelope to someone that can.

You may have noticed in our marketing lately, that we are using the word “nonprofit”. St. Ann’s is the only nonprofit, assisted living facility in the area. We are proud of this fact and the ability it gives us to uniquely care for our residents. We want to let the community know how this sets us apart.

The importance of donations and gift giving to St. Ann’s has a long history. It is mentioned by Sister Aloyse Flynn, the St. Ann’s Administrator from 1966-1977, in her book “A Biographical History of St. Ann’s: The First Fourteen Years”. There are long lists of donors that started giving, and believed in making St. Ann’s a great place. Our goal is to continue that tradition, and to thank everyone for all the support and efforts, that are made every day, to make St. Ann’s the great place it is!

Scott and Jan


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