“Keeping Connected” by Creating Moments

Most people have fond memories of family gatherings from somewhere in their past; summer weekends at the cabin, holidays at grandma and grandpa’s, Labor Day picnics or just bustling households full of impromptu moments of humor and love. When one of our loved one is away from us, and lacks the ability to travel, finding these moments becomes more difficult. Time spent together must be planned and plotted, and the spontaneous moments fall by the wayside as life tugs us across the center-line of the highway-of-life.
Families and friends come together at our picnics on the patio.

Families and friends come together at our picnics on the patio.

How do we find a way to gather together when mom’s mobility decreases, when wandering out into a wintry day means taking a chance on a fall or an illness? St. Ann’s strives to give our residents as many chances at special moments and celebrations as possible. Our holidays are filled with parties, planned months in advance. Two yearly picnics on our patio combine music, food and space for all our residents, family, friends, volunteers and staff to join together. Approximately 250 people are seated, served and spoiled so that they can spend time with their friends and family.

Families and Friends love our dances!
Families and Friends love our dances!

Such is the case with other events as well, like our Mother’s Day celebration. This particular Saturday afternoon is eagerly anticipated by many. It’s often accompanied by a fashion show, put on by staff and performed by volunteers and residents. A couple of years ago we were able to get a four generation photo of one of our residents and her family!
Whether we are honoring our veterans on Veteran’s Day, playing bingo with grandkids on Grandparents Day, or having a fancy meal with white tablecloth’s for Easter Brunch, we welcome everyone to join our St. Ann’s family for the day. If we create just one excuse for a family to drop their other demands on their life for just an hour or so, and be here with their loved one, in the moment, then we’ve done our job. These connections are so important, and keep life worth living for everybody.


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