Tech Savvy Seniors at St. Ann’s Residence

We celebrate National Assisted Living Week this week, focusing on “Keeping Connected” and dispelling the myth that seniors are uncomfortable with technology. At St. Ann’s we have many residents that utilize all kinds of technology on an everyday basis. One of the most used devices among our residents are their tablets. One sees them in our lobby at times, where the WiFi is free and accessible. Some of them are playing games, some are reading books, some are keeping touch with family on Facebook or checking their email.

Donna, age 81, currently uses the St. Ann’s library computer, which is accessible to all residents. She uses it to play games, shop and pay her bills.


Karen, age 83, uses her Ipad mostly for news and information. She loves that you can find anything on the internet. You can search for anything and it’s there! She also plays games and shops.
Myrna, age 81, has a laptop, Nook, Ipad and smartphone. She uses them to play games, track her banking, read books, shop online, and access Facebook. She got used to using computers when she was at work, and continued using them after she retired.

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